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Arburg display AM portfolio at Formnext 2022

  • Machines, variety of applications and expertise
  • New products: Freeformer 750-3X and TiQ2 make their debut before the AM world
  • ARBURGadditive and innovatiQ product portfolio

December, 8, 2022 - As an exhibitor from the very beginning, Arburg once again featured prominently at this year's Formnext. The Freeformer 750-3X and the innovatiQ printer TiQ2 literally took centre stage at the company's stand where, placed on a rotating platform. The company says interest in the processing of high-temperature materials and soft materials was also very high.

"Our presence at the trade fair was an impressive demonstration of the strength of ARBURGadditive and the potential of our machines," said Dr Victor Roman, Managing Director of ARBURGadditive. "With our new Freeformer 750-3X, we can offer customers a whole new range of possibilities in terms of part size and cost-effectiveness. Our stand was very busy every day and we were also able to forge a lot of new links with companies on the lookout for new solutions in the field of additive manufacturing," added a delighted Dr Victor Roman. Arburg's many examples of components included a variety of success stories from customers such as Tesa and Wilson.

Freeformer 750-3X opens up new fields of application

In industrial additive manufacturing, the trend is clearly moving in the direction of high cost-effectiveness in day-to-day production, both in the manufacture of larger individual parts and in the production of multiple items in a single work cycle.

The Freeformer 750-3X, which is systematically designed to meet the requirements of the AM industry, meets precisely these challenges, Arburg claims. Compared to the previous Freeformer 300-3X, its part carrier is around 2.5 times larger – with the same external dimensions – and the process is faster and more economical. In addition, the Gestica control system has been optimised for additive manufacturing in terms of process stability, part quality and build time.

Freeformer –specialist in soft materials

When it comes to processing soft materials, Arburg used a large number of parts to demonstrate that a very wide range of shore hardnesses can be achieved with the Arburg Plastic Freeforming (APF).

APF parts made of high-temperature materials

Another focus was the processing of high-temperature materials. A suitably equipped Freeformer 300-3X was exhibited for this purpose, as well as part of an aircraft cabin with various APF parts made of Ultem 9085, which is approved for aerospace applications. These post.processed lighting and ventilation components and the cup holder made it clear that the Freeformer can be used both to produce spare parts and to implement customised design requirements.

.Source: Arburg