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Piovan Group displays a variety of solutions for plastics processing at K 2022

The Italian group displayed the brands Piovan, Aquatech, Penta, Fdm, Energys, Progema, Doteco and Pelletron, and showcased innovative solutions including: Condenso, SoftBoost, Vento, Vulkano, Odor Minder and CAPchiller

November 16, 2022 - During K 2022, Piovan Group presented an overview of its technological solutions and its evolution during the last intensely challenging years. The Italian group says it has maintained a positive development trend, despite an unfavourable global situation, and has strengthened its global presence in particular after the recent acquisition of the American brands Conair, Thermalcare, Pelletron and Republic Machine. Constant growth within a path of 'sustainable leadership' was the theme chosen to define participation in K 2022, with reference to the Group's records and the development of patented solutions to produce with recycled plastic in line with ESG policies.

Piovan Group exhibited in an area of 600 square metres, which significantly increased since the last edition of K. The booth was organised into sectors for better visitor experience: PET preforms and bottles; rigid packaging; automotive components; technical components; medical solutions; technical and thermoforming sheets; flexible films; pipes, cables and profiles; fibre and strapping; recycling and compounding.

For the first time, the brands Pelletron, part of the acquired American group, and Doteco were present in the Piovan Group stand.

In addition to the opportunity of experiencing two virtual environments, PET and Blown Film, and a test area with InspectaBe, visitors had the opportunity to see the Group's solutions.

According to the Italian manufacturer, Winfactory 4.0, a production process control and management software developed to ensure automatic recipe setting, prevention of human errors, production repeatability and product traceability was displayed at the show; also, Winenergy, the energy efficiency monitoring and analysis system able to provide an analysis of real consumption was also demonstrated, as well as Winflo, for monitoring and control of Aquatech's industrial cooling solutions, to transform data into business-relevant information and optimise the operation and management of resources remotely.

For the dehumidification line: Condenso, specially developed for the plastics recycling process is capable of removing VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) from the process air during dehumidification with an energy recovery system, Piovan says. In addition to that, the company also displayed SoftBoost, the solution with Piovan's new patented air channelling system that, according to the manufacturer, heats the granule to the core in just 40 minutes to bring it rapidly from 120 to 180 °C. This innovative hopper, specially designed for regenerated PET, reduces the thermal stress on the resin for a high quality product and improves the energy efficiency of the process, the company claims.

Also showcased was Vento, the new film automatic cooling and thickness control system. According to Piovan, the special ring design, conceived to minimise friction and pressure losses, optimises energy consumption while maximising efficiency, and achieves high performance in terms of 2Sigma reduction and film flatness.

The Italian group also demonstrated the new automatic cleaning system for Grado Adroit feeders which enables production changeovers, reducing time, costs and material waste, the company claims.

Additionally, Piovan displayed CAPchiller, the water-cooled chiller designed for applications requiring very high temperature precision, high water flow rates relative to cooling capacity, and high pressures such as the production of caps or medical products. The solution is plug-and-play and can adapt the cooling capacity to the required heat load, the manufacturer says.

Special attention was also paid to analysis tools, such as Vulkano, the new portable instrument for measuring the presence of VOCs in process air and monitoring filter saturation. According to Piovan, it allows the lifespan of filters to be maximised and their effectiveness to be verified at any time. In addition to that, the Odor Minder, the compact in-line electronic nose designed to verify the effectiveness of the post-consumer plastic deodorisation process was also displayed. Visitors' finished products (sheets and bottles) or semi-finished products (granules and preforms) in PET and rPET could also be tested for benzene or acetaldehyde using the Inspecta analyser in the stand.

Source: Piovan