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ExxonMobil Addresses Film Design for Simpler Solutions Using Polyethylene resins at K2022

November, 12, 2022 - ExxonMobil addressed the topic of film design for simpler solutions by using its Exceed S polyethylene (PE) at the booths of industry-leading machine manufacturers (OEM) at K2022. Collaborations covered a range of applications including food packaging, industrial packaging and agriculture.

"Introduced in April this year, market interest in Exceed S PE has been phenomenal with over 200 prospective customers in 38 different countries evaluating the product in flexible packaging applications," said Exceed S marketing manager Tom Miller. "Leading producers have already commercialized bag-in-box liquid packaging, full-PE laminated food packaging, and heavy duty sacks for polymer resins. Eighty projects are undergoing commercial-scale trials as part of the preparations for potential commercialization. At K, visitors had the opportunity to see for themselves the value that this high performance PE can deliver", added Miller.

According to ExxonMobil, key attributes of this new class of PE resin include step-out combinations of stiffness, toughness and easy processing, underpinned by low melt pressures and often increased output. Delivering this performance using thinner films that often minimize or eliminate HDPE while improving durability, enables packaging that does more with less material, the company claims.

Some of the OEM collaborations that used Exceed S at K 2022 included:

Windmöller & Hölscher ran a 5-layer, 40 micron collation shrink film that contained 50 percent PCR. ExxonMobil says Exceed S 9243 and Enable 4002 were used to help ensure that the film delivers acceptable holding force, stiffness, puncture and TD shrink.

Reifenhäuser ran a 5-layer, 45 micron freezer packaging film with a full R-cycle traceability program and ExxonMobil QR Code. This film was produced including certified circular Exceed S PE using Exxtend technology for advanced recycling of plastic waste.

Hosokawa Alpine featured Exceed S PE in innovative high oxygen barrier concepts. According to ExxonMobil, these very high PE content (96 – 97%) MDO PE//PE laminates are alternatives to multi-material structures which can be difficult to recycle. Exceed S, Exact, Exceed XP performance PE and HDPE are used to deliver high stiffness and packaging integrity thanks to high toughness and fast sealing with outstanding hermiticity, the company says. In particular, Exceed S PE is used in the sealant web to enhance stiffness, toughness and package durability.

Bandera ran a 9-layer, 50 micron bag in box film for liquid food packaging. Exceed S 9272 and Exceed XP 8784 were used to ensure flex-crack resistance. Exceed S PE is used in the skins to deliver high seal initiation temperature and resistance to heat-induced blocking, while further enhancing flex-crack resistance.

"K provided a perfect opportunity to discuss the challenges our visitors are facing, and we were glad to share different innovative ideas and approaches to helping solve them using Exceed S and our broad PE portfolio," said Miller.

Source: ExxonMobil