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BMG Showcased Sustainable and New Product Offerings at K2022

November, 04, 2022 - BMG, the world’s leading provider of forming, tooling and automation solutions for the global packaging industry, displayed its lineup of sustainable and new products, the GN915 Thermoformer, Mantis Robotic Trim Press Handler, QuadPro Paperformer and NextGen Controls at the K2022 trade fair which was held in Düsseldorf.

In addition to showcasing the new products, BMG ran live demonstrations of GN’s flagship steel rule form-cut-stack high-speed Thermoformer, the GN800. Also, on display for live demonstrations was BMG’s NextGen Controls human-machine interface (HMI) platform.

Products form GN, Brown, Lyle, Freeman and NAS were showcased together under the BMG corporate branding at K2022. “We are proud to attend the 2022 K-Show under the singular umbrella of BMG.” Says Paul Phillips, Vice President of Marketing and Sales Operations. “BMG offered insights into our work with new and existing customers on material circularity surrounding sustainability. We were excited to highlight GN’s flagship steel rule die, form cut stack Thermoformer the GN800, running a PP hot drink lid at the show.” Adds Phillips, “In addition to that, we also showcased four new product offerings within the group including the larger GN915 from GN, Mantis – Robotic Trim Press Handler from NAS, Quad Pro – Paper former and New Generation Controls from Brown. BMG is able to offer customers turnkey products and services for both plastic and paper applications covering all aspects from the product creation including all in process and downstream automation.”

GN800 and GN915

The flagship GN800 and the new GN915 are high-speed, plug-assist, form-cut-stack thermoformers. According to BMG, this innovative GN product uses fully-integrated servo controls throughout–including the movable top and bottom platens for precise forming and cutting of parts. With multiple configurations and forming areas, easy to use HMI, and the ability use competitor tooling, the GN thermoformers are an ideal choice for food, medical or consumer packaged goods project, BMG claims.

QuadPro Paper Former

Brown diversifies into paper products with the release of the QuadPro paper former that uses a patent-pending, continuous thermoforming process to achieve the highest production output and lowest scrap rate in the industry, the company claims. Multiple state-of-the-art technologies and processes were developed collaboratively by all three BMG divisions to create the turnkey paper former.

NAS Mantis Robotic Trim Press Handling System

BMG says the Mantis robotic trim press handling system is the next generation in thermoformed product handling, compatible with all trim presses but specifically designed for both non-servo- and long-eject models. The Mantis is ideal for handling lids, cups, bowls, and clamshells, the company claims. Mantis can automate counting and separation of parts from any trim press machine. According to BMG, Mantis can reduce users labor requirements by up to 75% at the end of the trim press.

BMG’s NextGen Controls

NextGen Controls is an intuitive, easy-to-use HMI platform that simplifies operations and reduces training requirements for new employees. Compatible with most existing servo-based BMG machines, the NextGen Controls platform will provide a common look and feel to all BMG brands and future products.

Headquartered in Beaverton, MI, BMG is a global leader in thermoforming, tooling and automation. It designs and manufactures a complete line of continuous thermoforming equipment, tooling, material handling and packaging automation, robotics, and related services including system upgrades, prototyping, process optimization, and technical support. Its equipment has been “Made in North America” for 85 years, with systems operating in over 70 countries serving customers worldwide.

Source: BMG