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ProdTek creates new Turf Cushion using Braskem's sugarcane-derived Polyethylene


Braskem and ProdTek, a product development and manufacturing company serving the artificial turf, flooring and textile industries, announced the integration of Braskem's I'm green Polyethylene (PE) Bioplastic in Prodtek's new Turf Cushion line of turf underlay products.

ProdTek's new Turf Cushion is installed under artificial turf for a wide range of applications including play grounds, play areas, sports fields, roof tops, indoor play areas and other areas where shock attenuation is critical for users. The Turf CushionT underlay is composed of recycled polyethylene and Eco RawT, which utilizes Braskem's I'm Green Polyethylene bioplastic, a sugarcane-derived polyethylene, and qualifies for High Recycled Content (HRC) status. In utilizing Braskem's I'm green Polyethylene as a renewable alternative to petroleum based polyethylene, ProdTek's Turf Cushion can make a contribution to reducing the level of greenhouse gas emissions in the product value creation chain.

Most injuries to children on playgrounds occur from falls on hard or abrasive surfaces. ProdTek's new Turf CushionT underlay achieves high safety performance as measured by GMAX and Head Injury Criteria (HIC) readings using only one 2 inch Turf Cushion Pad.

John Karr, President at ProdTek, stated, "We feel very good about our new Turf Cushion Pad. Not only it is carbon neutral and 100% recyclable, but also provides enhanced safety for children in playground environments and is economically advantageous for turf installation companies. We feel like we have a product that creates value for everyone and serves society as well."

ProdTek's new Turf Cushion underlayment offers customers a range of product lifecycle benefits including installation crews reporting up to a 25% reduction in installation time. At the end of its life, Turf CushionT is also 100% recyclable and can be reclaimed and turned into pellets for making a variety of products, including toys, containers and more.

José Augusto Viveiro, Americas' Sales Leader for Braskem's Renewable Chemicals, commented, "Braskem is proud to be partnering with ProdTek to enhance the sustainability of Turf Cushion with our I'm green Polyethylene biopolymer. Our partnership reflects our shared vision for innovation in sustainable materials to drive better products for consumers and the planet. Additionally, ProdTek's USDA BioPreferred status is a further testament to their commitment to environmental stewardship and increasing the use of renewable agricultural resources."

Cultivation of sugarcane utilized in the production of I'm green Polyethylene captures carbon dioxide (CO2) and releases oxygen (O2), which means the material has a negative carbon footprint. Braskem claims that, from a cradle-to-gate life-cycle perspective, every 1kg of I'm green Polyethylene used in the production process equates to 3.09 kg of CO2 captured from the atmosphere.

Kate Lewis, Senior Program Analyst at U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) BioPreferred Program said, "The BioPreferred Program is dedicated to supporting rural communities and helping promote a thriving bioeconomy. Partners like Braskem that consistently innovate and find ways to incorporate renewable biobased materials - like sugarcane - into their products are critical." Prodtek'sTurf Cushion product was certified by the program because it is formulated with Braskem's biobased content.

Braskem and ProdTek are members of USDA's BioPreferred Program, which works to increase the development, use, and purchase of biobased products through a Federal procurement program and a voluntary certification and labeling program. From the farm gate through the manufacturing process, the growing market for biobased products increases the use of agricultural resources and creates jobs and economic growth throughout rural America.

Source: Braskem