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Husky Releases new Nozzle for Small Part Weights with Difficult to Access Gate Location Applications

October, 12, 2020 – Husky Injection Molding Systems, a leading industrial technology provider to the plastics processing community, has announced the release of the newest addition to the Ultra Helix Valve Gate nozzle lineup, the Ultra Helix 250 T2. According to Husky, the advanced design of Ultra Helix nozzles minimizes wear, providing industry leading gate quality and longevity. Ultra Helix 250 T2 was specifically developed for small part weights with difficult to access gate locations.

Direct gating for small parts

With a 12mm nozzle bore, the Ultra Helix 250 T2 allows for direct gating in locations not achievable with larger nozzles. The pitch spacing down to 15mm enables a high cavitation density and the smallest mold footprint.

Reduced maintenance

Husky says that Ultra Helix 250 T2’s extended maintenance interval PX actuation is designed for applications with leakage prone resins like TPE and PE. According to the manufacturer, the addition of a stem seal paired with enhanced thermal management heater technology improves performance and significantly optimizes maintenance requirements. This results in lower risk and cost of ownership, Husky claims.

Three actuation options available

According to the company, the Individual Pneumatic option offers pitch spacing down to 25.4mm, providing ease of access for maintenance with the ability to individually access valve stems without removing the backing plate. Both the plate actuated UltraSync-P or servo driven UltraSync-E options can achieve 15mm pitch spacing.

Producing part weights of less than 0.1g

Husky's global customers are already using Ultra Helix 250 T2 to make high quality precision parts from medical barrier closures and flow regulation valves to personal care products, food and beverage packaging and flip top closures. The part weights being produced range from less than 0.1g to over 4g and are being made from resins that are prone to leakage like PP, HDPE, LDPE, TPE and TPV, in both single injection and multi-material applications using both Individual Pneumatic and UltraSync actuations.

Award winning technology

The Ultra Helix 250 T2 received an award at the 2020 Plastics Industry - Ringier Technology Innovation Awards in the Mold and Component category. Contending products were evaluated based on their ability to improve product efficacy through technological innovation or provide new business opportunities for the market. Winners were selected by professionals from industry associations and scientific research institutions.

Husky claims that the features and benefits of the Ultra Helix 250 T2 make it a proper solution for specialty and flip-top closures, small medical parts and multi-material parts with limited gate access.

Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd .is a leading global supplier of injection molding equipment and services to the plastics industry. The company has more than 40 service and sales offices, supporting customers in over 100 countries. Husky’s manufacturing facilities are located in Canada, the United States, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, China, India and the Czech Republic.

Source: Husky