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Arburg customer portal reaches 2,000 customers

  • More than 2,000 customers and 6,000 users active in “arburgXworld”
  • Added value: customer portal makes injection moulding production transparent and efficient
  • “AnalyticsCenter” for process analysis

June, 25, 2021 -The 2,000 customer mark for arburgXworld was recently reached – and the number continues to rise. Since an average of three users per company have been registered, a total of over 6,000 users are already active in the customer portal, and this under three years following the market launch. The free basic package and fee-based expansion stages provide customers with added value. As an industry pioneer in digitalisation, Arburg is continuously adding new features and apps to its customer portal. This includes the brand new “AnalyticsCenter” for process analysis.

“Digitalisation is advancing in leaps and bounds, both for us and for our customers in plastics processing. The fact that 2,000 companies have already registered in ‘arburgXworld’ this spring is a real milestone,” says a delighted Benjamin Franz, Team Manager Digital Solutions at Arburg. “Our platform is developing into a central marketplace for plastics processors, and we are putting a lot of energy and know-how into it.”

Customer portal used all over the world

“arburgXworld” was initially launched on the German market in 2018 and subsequently rolled out worldwide at the K 2019 trade fair. Today, the customer portal can be used in 18 languages around the globe. Most users are still from Germany, followed by the USA and France. “arburgXworld” offers a high degree of transparency and added value along the entire plastic parts production value chain and can be precisely tailored to a wide range of requirements. Key features include an overview of the machine fleet (“MachineCenter”), online spare parts orders at attractive conditions (“Shop”) and numerous digital after-sales services (“ServiceCenter”, “SelfService”). The freeformer is also already integrated in “arburgXworld” (“ProcessLog”). It will soon be possible to easily integrate machines and peripheral devices from other manufacturers into the customer portal.

New features

“Digitalisation needs a pioneering spirit and strategy – both of which Arburg is traditionally known for,” points out Stephan Reich, Department Manager of IT Applications Development at Arburg. “We are continuously developing ‘arburgXworld’ according to customer needs and market requirements.” One new feature, for example, is the “AnalyticsCenter” app. This analysis tool, which has been available since June 2021, has been specifically designed for the documentation of mould sampling, trials, and injection moulding processes. A clear dashboard uses charts and trend diagrams to display the production data of machines networked via an IIoT gateway, and provides a quick overview of important indicators – either online or via a mobile device.

To document additive manufacturing with the freeformer, Arburg has developed the “ProcessLog” app, which can be used to reduce reject and error rates and document component quality.

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Source: Arburg