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Braskem, Kautex Maschinenbau and Erema join efforts to demonstrate a closed plastic loop during K 2019


  • Partnership during K-2019:
  • Closed plastic loop following the idea of Circular Economy

July, 22, 2019 - At K-2019, Braskem will provide Kautex Maschinenbau with its sugarcane-derived I'm greenT Polyethylene and PCR for the production of three layer HDPE bottles with foamed middle layer. The result will be a bottle in which the processed virgin and PCR material has reduced CO2 footprint in comparison to conventional products. Instead of handing them out to visitors and finally producing "waste", the bottles will be handed over to Erema for recycling. With this initiative the three companies intend to demonstrate their commitment to the circular economy.

Kautex Maschinenbau is a leading manufacturers of extrusion blow moulding machines. Kautex's efforts towards contributing to the success of the Circular Economy comes from the company's understanding of its responsibility to promote the recycling of plastics, and to work with partners to optimize material cycles. The further development of the use of recycled materials plays an important role for the company. "We regard the promotion of plastics recycling and working with our partners to optimize material cycles as an important responsibility of our company", explains Managing Partner Andreas Lichtenauer.

Kautex Maschinenbau says it decided to process Braskem material solution due to a better processability, less odour development and because they could offer their PCR and renewable material in a more sustainable way than conventional solutions, which is in line with its Circular Economy commitment. The raw material which will be used for the demo bottles is derived from sugarcane, and the PCR material comes from already recycled material. By using Braskem's technology, Kautex will reduce the carbon footprint of those bottles as well as the use of fossil resources. Braskem claims that for every kg of I'm greenT Polyethylene used more than 5 kg of CO2 is saved. In addition, the material usage is reduced by the use of foam technology and thus an additional reduction of the CO2 footprint is achieved.

By joining forces with Erema, who will also be present at K-2019, the loop will be fully closed as they will showcase solutions for every single step within the plastics recycling process. This includes recycling technologies as well as software tools, and engineering and integration services for plastics recycling projects. Kautex's bottles made of Braskem's material will be collected by Erema and fully recycled in order to avoid any waste; showcasing the true objective of the Circular Economy.

At the Erema Circonomic Centre (outdoor area between hall 11 and 15) tangible lighthouse projects will be displayed. The name Circonomic Centre,a word composed of "circular" and "economics," refers to integrating recycling know-how into the plastics value chain providing both, economic and ecological benefits. Recycling will be demonstrated in several live-performances, processing different plastic input material. In total more than 30 tons will be recycled during K-2019, including HDPE-bottles produced by Kautex.

With 8,000 collaborators, 41 industrial units in Brazil, United States, Mexico and Germany and a net revenue of R$58 billion (US$15.8 billion), Braskem produces annually over 20 million tons of plastic resins and chemical products and exports to Clients in approximately 100 countries.

With eight decades of history, Kautex Maschinenbau is one of the world's leading companies in extrusion blow moulding technology, with customers that include major automobile manufacturers and suppliers, as well as companies working in the packaging industry. In addition to its HQ in Bonn, a Customer Service Center in Berlin and regional offices in the USA, Russia, China, Italy, India, Mexico and Malaysia, Kautex Maschinenbau operates an extensive global network of service and distribution offices

The companies Erema - with the two business units POWERFIL and KEYCYCLE - 3S, Pure Loop, Umac and Plasmac are part of the Erema Group. In addition to subsidiaries in the USA, China and Russia, the group of companies operates additional 50 agencies on five continents to provide a network for implementing tailor-made plastic recycling solutions for customers all over the world. In total, around 550 people now work for the Austrian company group based in Ansfelden near Linz.

Source: Braskem