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“Quality Works”: Lanxess focuses on electromobility and sustainability at K 2022

  • High-quality solutions for the plastics and rubber industry
  • High-performance materials for lightweight design and electromobility
  • Additives for plastics and rubber processing
  • Sustainable system solutions for the polyurethane industry
  • Colorants and pigments for plastics coloring

June 21, 2022 - Lanxess will be exhibiting at K 2022 in Duesseldorf, the world’s largest trade fair for plastics and rubber, under the motto “Quality Works”. From October 19 to 26, the specialty chemicals company will present material developments as well as new processes and technologies for the plastics industry at its 700-square-meter booth C76 – C78 in Hall 6. In addition, sustainable products and system solutions for the rubber and polyurethane industries will be on display, as well as colorants and intermediates for the polymer sector.

Lanxess’ focus topics for this year’s trade fair are electromobility and sustainability. “We want to play an active role in the transformation of the economy and global value chains towards a more sustainable world,” says Dr. Hubert Fink, member of the Lanxess Board of Management. “With our materials, we support our customers in manufacturing more sustainable products that have a lower carbon footprint and conserve resources and the climate.”

High-performance plastics and system solutions

The High Performance Materials business unit focuses on sustainable material and lightweight solutions. Main areas are materials and component concepts for consistent lightweight construction in the future market of electromobility – for example, lightweight structural components based on the continuous fiber-reinforced composites of the Tepex brand in the field of batteries for passenger cars.

Furthermore, the business unit will present new Tepex composites based on recyclates or bio-based raw materials. One example here is Tepex dynalite Scopeblue 813, which has just been launched on the market and is produced from flax fibers and polylactic acid. Also on show will be a Tepex dynalite with a polyamide 6 matrix that is produced starting from “green” cyclohexane and therefore consists of well over 80 percent sustainable raw materials.

Another focus is on tailored solutions for the increased requirements in electric vehicles, for example in the powertrain or charging infrastructure. Here, plastic components are often exposed to higher temperatures and at the same time very strong electrical currents and voltages. Plastic connectors, for example, must remain electrically insulating under these conditions and must not allow creepage current to occur. Lanxess has developed a new halogen-free flame-retardant and hydrolysis-stabilized PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) compound for these high-voltage connectors.

Sustainable products for the polyurethane industry

The Urethane Systems business unit will present its extensive product range for the polyurethane industry. It is designed to increase sustainability along the entire value chain. The wide range extends from Low Free (LF) monomer technology and innovative Adiprene Green brand prepolymers with a high bio-based content to novel hot-cast and cold-cure systems that can be processed with reduced energy input. The focus is also on water-borne coatings designed to meet the high demands of modern vehicle interiors.

In CASE applications (Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, Elastomers), thermoplastic polyurethanes can be processed more efficiently by adding the modifier Modulast PUR, Lanxess claims. The use of polyols and isocyanates can be reduced, while the physical properties are maintained and often even improved. According to the company, this not only significantly reduces overall raw material costs. Lanxess says that the entire production process also becomes more efficient, benefiting from lower temperatures during processing and resulting in shorter cycle times.

Products for plastics coloring

Lanxess's Polymer Additives and Inorganic Pigments business units offer the plastics industry high-performance, sustainable colorants for direct coloration. The business units will present their product ranges for the energy-efficient production of colored plastic goods, which eliminate the need for subsequent coating and thus avoid reworking. This includes both universal products and specialties for particular requirements.

In electromobility, for example, the color orange is a mandatory safety feature for high-voltage plastic components. This is where Macrolex Orange HT comes into play. Lanxess says that its comprehensive properties meet the high safety and performance requirements for electric cars. These include excellent heat stability, improved sublimation resistance as well as high migration stability, color strength and light fastness, them company claims.

Efficient flame retardants for polymers

With brominated and phosphorus-based solutions, Lanxess’ Polymer Additives business unit offers a comprehensive ranges of organic flame retardants. The polymeric and reactive flame retardants reduce the release of additives from polymers, thus contributing to environmental and health protection without compromising fire safety. According to Lanxess, brominated flame retardants are widely used in the construction and electronics industries, due to their high efficiency. In addition to effective fire protection, phosphorus-based flame retardants offer other advantages such as good processability and high elasticity in PU and PVC systems, them company says.

Additives for rubber processing

A wide range of additives for the rubber processing industry will be presented by the Rhein Chemie business unit. These include predispersed chemicals, processing promoters and vulcanization and filler activators. In the spirit of advancing sustainability, the focus will be on not only rubber production but also the manufacture of high-quality, long-lasting rubber products designed for a whole range of applications such as tires, hoses, seals, profiles, and drive belts. The lifetime is an important indicator for the sustainable performance of rubber products. According to Lanxess, additives such as Perkalink and Vulcuren from Lanxess allow tire manufacturers to develop and produce mixtures for tires designed to deliver ultra-high performance over their entire service life.

.Source: Lanxess