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Solvay supplies thermoplastic film to Safran

(From left to right: Isabelle Lindemann, key account manager at Safran, Solvay Specialty Polymers global business unit; Thierry Haud, VP of Safran Purchasing, Safran; Sonia Bouquet, Composite Materials Purchasing Department, Safran; Dr. Alexander Vogel, head of Compounding at Solvay Specialty Polymers global business unit; and Etienne Collart, regional sales manager EMEA South, Aerospace Business Line, Solvay Composite Materials global business unit.)

December, 9, 2019 - Solvay has signed an agreement with Safran to supply Halar ECTFE high performance film for its LEAP1 engine acoustic panels. Film made from Halar ECTFE with additional plasma treatment offers excellent adhesion to composite substrates providing superior aesthetic surface aspects to perfectly blend with its surroundings.

Solvay’s high-performance Halar ECTFE, a partially fluorinated semi-crystalline polymer, is used as a protective layer on the engine acoustic ring panel against the aggression of the harsh environment typical of the entrance of an aircraft engine. It is strong and tough and its resistance to erosion, abrasion, and aircraft chemicals and fluids make it ideal for this application.

“Solvay is a longstanding and trusted partner of Safran, delivering advanced composite material solutions for both our aircraft engines and nacelle programs,” said Thierry Haud, Vice-President Safran Purchasing, Safran. “The supply agreement for Solvay’s high-performance thermoplastic film extends our mutual collaboration and further consolidates the relationship between us as we enlarge our cutting-edge portfolio of materials, techniques and processes.”

Solvay’s Halar ECTFE film retains its properties over a broad range of temperatures, displaying particularly outstanding impact resistance at low temperature. It has demonstrated excellent erosion properties, extreme UV radiation resistance and can be considered as an excellent barrier to water vapor, oxygen and other small gas molecules. It is also lightweight and durable and meets stringent aerospace industry requirements regarding fire and burn-through resistance due to its inherent flame retardancy.

“As a world leader in high-performance thermoplastic and composite materials with a global operational infrastructure, Solvay is fully committed to supporting Safran as it ramps up the design and integration of applications for the LEAP engine program,” said Mike Finelli, President Solvay’s Specialty Polymers global business unit. “The benefits of our broad material offering further helps the ambitious LEAP engine program to best maintain its performance and noise levels throughout the engine's life.”

Source: Solvay