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Brazilian masterbatch and additive manufacturer Cromex to display portfolio at K 2019

Among the latest developments, the company will unveil a line of sustainable black masterbatches

October, 3, 2019 - From October 16th through 23rd, Cromex will be at the K 2019 Trade Fair – the world’s largest trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry – in Hall 8a, stand F37, to boost its presence in the international market as well as to present its latest developments in color masterbatches and additives for key markets of the plastics industry, such as rigid and flexible packaging, cosmetics, agriculture and recycling, among others.

The company will showcase its solutions for reducing environmental impact. Here are some of the main highlights:

Line of sustainable black masterbatches

Cromex says it has developed a new line of black masterbatches with high tinting strength which uses a recycled raw material in its composition as an alternative equivalent to conventional carbon black found on the market, but also with the advantage of contributing to the reduction of environmental liabilities.

The product serves various markets such as automotive, industrial packaging, footwear, and agribusiness, among others, and can be applied to PE, PP, PS, SAN, ABS, EVA, PET, PBT, POM and PA resins.

Line of additives for recycling

According to Cromex, its line of recycling additives ensure gains in processing and in the mechanical and organoleptic properties of the recycled material, as well as reduced losses.

Some of these products are:

  • Anew PET chain extender. Cromex claims that it is capable of improving mechanical and rheological properties, increasing the viscosity of the resin, providing greater strength and enabling increased production speed;
  • Flow aids that, according to Cromex, provide increased productivity due to reduction of friction of the resin on the metal surface of the machine during the process, contributing to the flow of the material with consequent reduction in energy consumption;
  • Desiccants that capture moisture during the process. Cromex says they improve performance and reduce the occurrence of defects in the plastic film, being capable of reducing material drying time before processing;
  • Optical brightener and blue-toners that enhance the visual appearance of the resin by reducing the yellowish tone of the recycled material;
  • Purge compounds. Cromex explains that they reduce machine downtime by promoting a quick cleaning when changing colors and/or resins and, consequently lower expenses and reduce the need of using products containing petrochemicals.

Oxobiodegradable additive

Cromex says its oxobiodegradable additive is a solution for reducing the volume of discarded plastic waste, such as grocery bags and garbage bags, as it accelerates the degradation of polymers when exposed to natural light, heat and humidity in the environment. The company claims that Its application is only 1%, allows for contact with food, and poses no health risk.

Think Green, Live All Colors | Heavy Metal Free Masterbatches

Cromex color portfolio also includes effects such as pearlescent, metallic, fluorescent, thermochromic, phosphorescent, photochromic, glitter, and interference, enabling the creation of different colors to make up the design of the products and attract consumers at the point of sale, stimulating purchases.

Cromex claims to be a pioneering company in adopting a portfolio entirely free of heavy metals.With this in mind, it created the “Think Green, Live All Colors” seal, a symbol to represent all the brand’s efforts to provide solutions that minimize environmental impacts.

Cromex has been in the market for over 40 years and has the largest masterbatch plant in South America, exporting its products to around 60 countries.

Source: Cromex