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Reifenhäuser Displays Fully Recyclable Pouch Film Made of PE at K 2019

100% Monomaterial

100 % recyclability and excellent barrier properties need not be a contradiction in terms. The patented Reifenhäuser EVO Ultra Stretch unit makes polyethylene (PE) film. As a monomaterial, it is an economical alternative to PET.

Stretched PE film for complex packaging applications

In conventional composite packaging, PET provides stability and barrier properties. On the downside, its recyclability is very restricted. Reifenhäuser says that Stretched PE produced with its technology can fully replace PET with no loss of quality.

According to the company, the EVO Ultra Stretch process produces PE film with mechanical properties that meet all the requirements of the packaging industry in terms of high-performance packaging and its conversion: heat sealing properties, high stiffness in the machine direction, good flatness, and perfect printability.

Energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness make entry easier

The process involves stretching the film from initial heat to ten times its surface area. Due to its patented positioning in the haul-off, the EVO Ultra Stretch features extremely low energy consumption and high process stability, Reifenhäuser claims . A major advantage is that the PE film can be converted on existing conversion lines with no adaptation required. The manufacturer says that this makes the switchover to packaging made from PE monomaterial considerably easier.

“To assist our customers introduce the product as smoothly as possible, we supply a full know-how package from a single source, complete with technology, film recipe, and processing parameters,” explains Eugen Friedel, Sales Direction at Reifenhäuser Blown Film.

The application already passed its field trials successfully at a Reifenhäuser customer and brand owner. It is one of 15 examples for Circular Economy exhibited on the Reifenhäuser booth. “Monomaterial packaging is the key to a functioning Circular Economy,” says Eugen Friedel.

Source: Reifenhäuser